Fundamental Analysis

15 May: US client inflation and gross sales are revealed

US statisticians have published consumer price index and retail sales data sets. Both inflation and consumer shopping were expected to have increased. In general, the data showed that prices have risen less than expected. However, retail sales are unchanged. US Dollar reacted to the news by plummeting, as the Dollar index dropped from 104.80 down

03 May: US employment knowledge is under all forecasts

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published the Non-farm Employment Change, Average Hourly Earnings and the Unemployment Rate. The data has been abysmal. US Dollar index has reacted to the news with an initial drop downwards below 105.00. Non-farm Employment Change was forecast to show 238,000 new jobs created. Actual numbers is just 175,000. Average

01 May: US Federal Reserve will do nothing

On May 1, US monetary policy makers, who decide upon the supply of the US Dollar, announced the Federal Funds Rate. The rate is used as a base rate for all USD denominated debt. The Fed has kept the interest rate unchanged at 5.50%, as the financial markets expected. In addition, the central bank has

25 Apr: Advance GDP impacts markets

Bureau of Economic Analysis has published the US Advance GDP data for the first quarter of 2024. The release shocked the markets by being below expectations. The market consensus forecast was that GDP had increased by 2.5% over the quarter. Actual released data revealed growth of just 1.6%. This publication confirms what other data sets

24 Apr: US PMIs beat down the Greenback

On April 23rd, the US Dollar dropped at 13:45 GMT. The drop was created by the publication of the United States Manufacturing and Services sector Purchasing Managers Indices. Released numbers showed a slowdown of US business activity. Both PMIs were forecast to reveal an expansion with a reading of 52.0. Actual numbers were 50.9 for

23 Apr: Euro surges as a result of EU PMIs

The European Union country Purchasing Managers Indices were released from 07:15 GMT up to 08:00 GMT. In general, the event caused a surge of the Euro. However, the move was stopped by the 1.0675/1.0690 range and the weekly R1 simple pivot point at 1.0695. In general, the markets expected that the Manufacturing and Services sectors